​You take the time and effort to select a place to live, you plan and carefully budget your monthly payments, you move in and make the place a home. But perhaps you or your family comes upon difficult economic times, or maybe your mortgage note has been  sold to a different bank or different servicer and now your payments have been changed and become unaffordable. When faced with the choice of paying for your necessities or making your mortgage payments, you may wind up like too many Americans, facing foreclosure. If you attempt to renegotiate your payments you may find your bank non-responsive and extremely difficult to work with. Once a foreclosure lawsuit is filed, banks will be anxious to move the process forward in order to take possession of your home, and you will have tight deadlines to respond in order to protect your rights.

​Most banks don't count on homeowners actively defending against foreclosure actions.  Whether or not they have their documents in order, the banks expect to rapidly get a judgment against debtors who feel tremendous personal and financial distress and often simply want an end to their legal woes.   But a foreclosure is a legal action with very important due process rights and procedural safeguards. You do not have to give up without a fight. Most importantly, by fighting you may bring the bank to the table with a better and more affordable resolution that enables you and/or your family to stay in your home and get back on track financially.

​If you are struggling to make ends meet and have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner you act, the better for your case, and the more avenues and your lawyer will have in order to save your home.  

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