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​Court Martials​          Administrative Separations         Article 15

Dean began his legal career as a military lawyer, serving as a Marine Judge Advocate. He has represented service-members in dozens of military Court-Martials, administrative discharge boards and other matters involving the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Dean has also served as an Investigating Officer for Command Investigations and Article 32 Hearings. Dean was enlisted in the Marine Corps prior to attending Officer Candidates School and obtaining a commission, and he is currently a Major in the Marine Corps Reserves.

​If you are facing charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice the process is daunting.  Whether you are charged with drug-related offenses, crimes of violence, offenses against "good order and discipline" or financial offenses, the consequences are potentially enormous. In addition to incarceration,  in some cases, many, if not all, of the benefits that you worked for and earned through your service to your country, may be permanently lost. You are accustomed to taking and giving orders and being part of a team, but now your future and freedom are in jeopardy and you are alone. 

You do however, have rights, and obtaining a lawyer who has experience in military justice and is independent from an active duty command structure may be crucial. 

​Dean has represented service-members in every phase of the Court Martial process and administrative separation process, and has guided his clients to the best possible result on each occasion.  Dean brings with him the experience of having served as a civilian criminal prosecutor, as well as having been a military defense counsel while on active duty. If you have been charged, or have questions, it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Call Dean for more information, or to set up a consultation.

Discharge Upgrade / Correction of Military Records

​All too often service-members rush to return to civilian life without fully paying attention to the state of their military record or the nature of their discharge.  This may cause problems further down the road when the ex-service-member finds that expected benefits are not available, educational or job opportunities are lost, or possible re-entry into the military is foreclosed. Depending upon the circumstances, Dean may be able to assist you in acquiring missing portions of your record, making sure that errors are corrected and possibly even upgrading the level of your discharge.


​Dean has dedicated a substantial amount of time since leaving active duty to assisting military veterans with a broad array of issues. From guiding veterans through the VA claims process, to linking veterans up with private resources, to mentoring criminally charged veterans through the Bucks County Veterans' Treatment Program, Dean takes pride in serving those who have served. If you are a veteran in need of legal assistance contact Dean today. Financial assistance or pro bono support may be available.