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If you experience a loss, or have a claim brought against you, the last thing you want to hear is that your insurance company will not cover you.  After paying premiums and feeling the pinch in your budget for insurance that you might never need, it can be devastating to find that the peace of mind that you thought you were buying is not there. An uncovered loss or claim can be devastating financially to both families and businesses and can lead to severe secondary consequences for certain businesses and licensed professionals subject to mandatory insurance requirements.

If you are facing an insurance coverage denial don't simply accept it and  prepare for the worst. Obtaining  an experienced and aggressive lawyer as soon as possible after a denial can be key. Dean has experience in representing clients who have been denied coverage by their insurance companies under a broad variety of circumstances. Depending upon the facts, Dean may be able to bring an action in court requiring the insurance company to cover you and possibly even pay your legal fees for the cost of suing.

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Dean H. Malik

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