Fraud                Deceptive Trade Practices               Unfair Debt Collection 

When you spend your hard-earned money on something there is nothing worse than the feeling that you've been lied to, taken advantage of and ripped off. When you get a product or service that is defective, of poor quality, not as advertised, or delivered late (or never) you feel violated.  Or if you find yourself captive to a finance agreement that you never fully understood and that has you making seemingly endless payments, there is a sense that your life and resources are being unfairly looted. If you've had abusive debt collectors hounding you at home or at work, you get the sense that your life is out of control. Unscrupulous businesses rely upon the fact that you will not know where to turn. More often than not, if you try to make a report with your local police, they will decline to file criminal charges telling you it's a "civil" matter. Yet, even though the amount of money you've lost is significant, it is often far less than what you'd have to pay most lawyers to even look at your case. 

​The law does provide you with recourse. But it is important to obtain a lawyer with experience in representing consumers who understands the legal mechanisms for levelling the playing field against unethical businesses. Once these businesses realize that you will not accept their fraud and deception, they frequently change their tune. Dean has experience in representing and obtaining justice for consumers against unethical businesses, in disputes having to do with faulty repairs/installations, unreasonable surcharges, unlawful debt collection practices or outright fraud.

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