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​Legal disputes between businesses are a negative but sometimes unavoidable fact of life for business-owners.  They not only hurt your bottom line, affecting your ability to make your payroll, pay for your overhead, and meet your expenses but they also drain valuable time and attention. Involving a lawyer for review of important documents and risk management before problems arise is always a valuable investment.  For those occasions where conflict cannot be avoided it is imperative to obtain counsel who will aggressively and diligently represent your interests. Doing so will bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your matter is being competently handled and moved towards the best result possible for your business.

​If you are a wholesaler or retailer facing a problem with your merchandise, whether related to quantity, quality or timeliness of delivery, Dean's  experience and creativity will help you solve your problem as efficiently as possible so that you can get back to business.

If you are owed money from another business or customers, your accounts receivable are a financial hemmorage for your business. Rather than running your company, you are now forced to chase down money that you are rightfully owed for services or goods already provided--you've been transformed into an "involuntary" creditor. Dean can assist you in converting your AR to cash on hand, through aggressive, diligent and professional representation.    

Dean has represented businesses in a broad array of commercial disputes, both as plaintiffs and defendants.  Dean has used every tool at his disposal  as a commercial litigator to defend his business clients, effectively prosecute their claims, and leverage fair and financially advisable solutions.   Call Dean for more information.


Dean H. Malik

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